Ok a bit of a mash up of things that are relevant to this this section. First up is draining the Mikuni carb float bowls. It’s easy enough if somewhat messy.

From time to time I do this, or if you find it running a little ruff it could be worth a go. It helps flush any crap that may have been collected in the bowl over time, I’ve kept a piece of metal edging just for the job as previously it used to just dump fuel all over the engine ! Worrying if it was hot !

Undo the screws as in the photo (use a good JIS screw driver), no need to remove them just undo them until the flow is good wait until it stops, repeat for all three carbs, set the fuel tap to prime and start the bike twist the fuel tap to on and it’s done…

This is the sort of stuff that comes out…in fact this was my second consecutive flush…


Only two to worry about on the Speed Triple is the choke and the throttle….I have had no need to lube the choke in 5 years but the throttle is a little more important…once disconnected at the twist grip unclip the adjuster collar and use some brake cleaner on a rag to degrease the cable outer, stick some tape (I find clear greenhouse repair tape works well) around it to form a funnel, then using an oil can pop a bit of engine oil into the funnel and work the cable up and down by grabbing the boss on the end and pulling, top up and repeat. Leave for a few hours topping up if required. Reassemble and be prepared for oil to leak out down by the water pump area as excess leaks through and runs down the engine..

Quick Action Throttle

Well sort of anyway, with CV carbs you ask for throttle then the carbs in their own time give it to you via the vacuum created by the engine. At least this mod means you won’t have to twist the throttle as far and you will be asking for more throttle more of the time, it does perk things up a little.

I used some waste pipe 31mm ID 36mmOD and bonded it onto the original throttle tube….care is required to get a good bond (i used supper glue) and that nothing will foul the movement of the throttle once in the housing ! Important this as you don’t want your throttle doing things when you least expect 😉

I believe a Yamaha R6 throttle tube has a larger diameter too and will try that mod sometime in the future to replace my bitsa, I will keep you posted.