A CZ company that makes programable ignitor boxes for bikes. The programable part allows the ignition advance & retard to be set in real time on a dyno to best match the engine and carb set up.

It also has a variety of other useful features such as outputs for a shift light, quick shifter etc. Just about all areas of the ignition can be fine tuned if necessary to starting characteristics, dwell time on coils and rev limits etc.

The box can come preprogrammed for your model (this one came with a basic map for a Daytona 900) which allows it to be a plug and play set up. You get a patch lead to connect to the bikes loom and a lead to connect to your lap top.

It is smaller and lighter than our ignitor boxes and packs more modern electronics that produce a sharper and stronger spark. The model for Speed Triples is a TCIP4.

Here it is on the bike and connected to my lap top

Have to stress the only real way to get this set up properly if you have adjusted your cab/airbox/exhaust set up is on a dyno, it’s easy to damage an engine by adjusting incorrectly adjusting the ignition map…so take note unless you know what you are doing !!

After a session at Dynotech and few carb adjustments and a small small tweak on the ignition map it was running better than ever.

I have since taken a switched earth output from the Ignitech to run some shift lights on my digital dash set up. Eventually I would like to be able to include a throttle position sensor which will allow 3D mapping. This means you can enhance the ignition map to understand what to do when the bike is under load IE: initial large throttle opening.

Final dyno run gave me just over 101bhp at the rear and 63FT or torque

Link for TCIP4 at Ignitech below