We all have a giggle at the many photos of early Hinckley bikes, there nearly always seems to be a brick or bit of wood under the side stand to stop the bike from leaning like Marc Marquez ! This is a combination of things

These bikes are top heavy and also heavy so test the strongest of side stands

The early side stand brackets are a little long and flimsy

The side stands bend or wear at the pivot point.

The side stands are maybe a little short to begin with

It is possible to cure most of these culprits by fitting the side stand assembly from a later Trophy They have a shorter less flexible side stand bracket which our side stand switch it a plug and play with and if you get the right one the side stand itself is longer.

If you already have the later bracket it’s simple to unhook the spring remove the pivot bolt and replace with longer item

The items you need are

Bracket number 2080204


Stand number is 2080424.

Old and upgrade for comparrsion

To replace both here is how I did it

First undo the gear shift link rod

The remove the top mounting bolt of the side stand bracket

The the one that foxes a few people which is the lower mounting bolt which also is the lower engine mounting bolt, this is secured by a bolt behind and up through the the suspension linkage the head is a T55 torx bit

You can reach it with a 19mm ring spanner

Upon reassembly it can be a challenge to locate the nut on the rear of the the engine mounting bolt I tend to use a bit of kitchen towel in the ring end of the spanner which grips the nut just enough for me to locate it as I rotate the bolt