During my modifications to stage three tune it meant loosing the air box, which subsequently gave the crankcase breather nowhere to plug into. At first I just chopped the tube down and popped an aftermarket breather filter on it, this was ok but could mist a little mess occasionally, so an neater fix was necessary.

I used some black braided hose cut to length (Tip use some electrical tape around it at the point you want to cut that way you don’t get any fraying). Fixed it all on with a few small jubilee clips.

The catch bottle/filter I had was previously designed as an air compressor water trap. I don’t use any wire wool now in the catch bottle as it is easier to clean out with out, you just simply unscrew it from the top and wipe it out occasionally.

I have also removed all the engine baffle plates from inside the engine and clutch covers as well. Saving a bit of weight is a bonus, after all the set up does tend to hold emulsified oil in the baffle leading to corrosion.

This is what the condensation gets up to on your crank case breather/baffle plates.