It all started when the standard exhausts developed a crack at the point the can meets the angled pipe that bolts to the H piece on the headers. The standard exhaust was made by Motad for Triumph and a good job they did too, all stainless and looks great with black chrome !

To free up some noise loose weight and add street cred I opted for from Carbon Scorpion cans and very pleased I was with them for years !

The headers had lost their factory finish and after a failed attempt to have them chemically blacked (lasted 5 mins before discoloration) I decided BBQ paint was an economical and pleasing finish. I set about rubbing the headers down to be painted.

I used Hammerite BBQ paint that has a grayish colour, it is completely fool proof to use and dries quickly, over time I have found it lasts about 2 seasons before a touch up is required. Sometimes I just mask off the bike with bin bags and do the areas needed sometimes while the pipes are off it gets a full going over. I have heard that Flame Proof black paint works well too and is blacker.

The headers back on was straight forward with new exhaust gaskets I found kitchen towel in the back of a small socket allowed me to place the nut in the socket and locate on the exhaust studs, then it’s tighten to 9Nm followed by further tightening to 20Nm. A handy tip is to use stainless dome nuts to cap off the exhaust studs this protects the threads and also saves the nuts from loosening off.

As time went by I fancied a change and bought some reverse cone megas from a company called Cone Engineering over in the states. The quality was good and I mated them to some aftermarket link pipes had a friend weld on some hangers I made They were LOUD

Too loud for track days and some hill climbs so I repeated the same trick with some universal ebay specials. These were surprisingly well muted without Db killers in and passed all the noise tests for track use

Today I have fitted some Titanium carbon cans made as a one off from Race Fit, to carry this weight saving further they use some light weight exhaust mounts

Also while I am doing exhausts a potentially useful bit of info should you be resleeving a can for say the 3-1 Sebring race system or just fancy an extra on a current can the original Triumph badges are still available. Simply drill and rivet them on.

This is one I did for my Daytona 955i

They were on the Carbed Tiger too which is where I got this from, link below