The clutch hose was a standard rubber item and the banjos on mine where looking a little tired, as I was changing the coolant it was as good a time as any to replace it out for a braided stainless item, whilst giving the master and slave cylinders a clean out.

Drain down the coolant as listed in Coolant Change page. Remove the three bots that hold the clutch slave cylinder on, you may find it a bit difficult to remove and will need some persuasion with a soft faced mallet of hide or nylon. Hit it left and right using the bleed nipple boss at the top to loosen it up, eventually you’ll free it up enough to remove. Then over a bowl I pumped out the clutch slave piston and removed the lid off the master cylinder.

Note different size bolts on clutch slave cylinder

The fluid was brown and horrible, sludge in the back of the slave cylinder ! Once fully drained and cleaned at both ends I removed the old clutch hose .The original routing takes it behind the large coolant hose on the LH side of the engine and tacks it into a bracket on the cylinder head so I needed to remove this coolant hose to achieve this. Then fitted the new hose, assembled everything back and bled it in with a vacuum bleeder