Most modern cars and bikes run stick coils now, it cut out the need for HT leads. This is a good thing because HT leads get less efficient with age and are susceptible to water shorting them out. It also makes sense that rather than suppling a signal from the ignitor to the coil and then via HT to the plug for a spark. If you supply that voltage from the ignitor directly to the coil at the spark plug you’ll have less losses and it will be more efficient, possibly more reliable too.

Paul Messenger has found some Denso stick coils that are compatible with our bikes. It’s important that the stick coils work with the correct resistance values that our original coils would do. This means they won’t over heat and break or run ineffectively.

They are a plug and play affair, just plug the low voltage leads into the existing spades for the original coils, press home on to the plug so that it clicks home and seat the rubber collar snug to the cam cover.

Ha Ha … note ctr rubber collar needs seating 😉 !!

I run mine with these Denso Iridium plugs cheaper than NGK and probably not a Chinese fake like soo many NGKs unfortunately these days.

Physical benefits typically are better starting and idle, it won’t give you 20HP but, I tried complaining but it fell on deaf ears Ha ha !!