Dymags for T300

Lightweight wheels for T300 series of bikes have been available in the past mainly via UK based maker Dymag, they supplied the 3 spoke magnesium race wheels used back in the day…Eddie Lawson used them and they now make a Retro copy of these wheels but in Forged Aluminum other options are Carbon or their UP7X forged aluminum wheels which is the lightest forged wheel they do as used at the TT etc.

The 3 spokes weren’t available when I had a rush of blood to the head and went to order some, so UP7X it was to be. Dymag carry all the spacer gaps and mounting info to make these wheels for T300s but this was probably a first fit for this variety of wheel onto my SpeedTriple and a few minor things were thrown up as a result. Choice of 5.5 or 6 inch rear rim, I went 5.5 to keep original handling characteristics, and they come with a rear sprocket (made by Talon a UK company) in your choice of tooth count plus the cush drive.

The main issue is as there is less mass and material on the wheel therefore the original long disc bolts from Triumph won’t fit, they are simply too deep, we had to use Suzuki disc bolts which are shorter and have a shallower shoulder (33mm original..29mm Suzuki total length, plus only a 5mm shoulder not 10mm, you can see below the mounting points) but everything else is plug and play…you loose the original cush drive and rear wheel spacers as these are all supplied with the new wheel, front wheel spacers are reused.

Original Brembos with all the wheel hardware and tires on come in at Front 14.7kg and rear 19kg against Front Dymag at 11.1Kg so a saving of 3.6kg. I was too eager to fit the rear so a weight comparison will have to happen later but Dymag quote anywhere between 5-6.5Kg difference so about 10kg total give or take all in.

From the off the front end is transformed, steering input is minimal ! So much so you have to continually recalibrate your head and the way you grip the bar. The lighter you hold the bars the better it feels as if you weight them up at all you are unconsciously inputting the steering and it feels a little weird !! Suspension acceleration and braking all benefit but the first and biggest result is steering !