One main feature of our MK1 Speed Triple is the ability for it to take a single seat cowl, a cool addition which enhances the sporty nature of the bike and gives it real purpose. The bobbins that allow you to bolt this on are found on Speed Triple and Daytona seats but are easy to retro fit to any of the other T300 seats from the Trident, Sprint as the seat base for all of them is the same and the recesses for the bolt are present you just need to drill an 8mm hole for it.

Trying to find a seat with bobbins or bobbins in good condition is a bit more of a challenge these days, I made some up after finding a suitable custom made cone washer

The seat from a Trophy will fit, it has a different profile seat foam and a stitched seam half way along is an easy way to differentiate them. It won’t however take a seat hump but trades this for practicalities. Such as the riders area is more scooped out and gives a lower seat height, where as the pillion has a bit more foam for comfort. The Trophy seat also has some useful flip out luggage hooks so if you are planning a long tour on your Speedy maybe a temporary switch to one of these may be an option

Her is one fitted to my old Sprint Sport, riders scoop out and pillion foam

Luggage hooks as demoed on a tip run !!

Years ago I had my seat recovered by a pro he used 4 way stretch UV safe seat vinyl and also did the seat pad by cutting a small piece of ply wood to act as a backing to staple the covering to the results were great. A bonus of using the stretch vinyl was a comfier seat as stock vinyl is a bit tough and unforgiving.

Recently I had the brain wave of boosting my seat height to give me more leg room, I am a lanky toe rag and can get away with getting my feet down even though I have raised the bike with shorter drop links on the suspension.

I bought a couple of old seats that were damaged but the foam still good, the first one I added 15mm of closed cell, self adhesive race seat foam to and recovered with 4 way stretch vinyl. This test mule confirmed my plan was working it also gave my seat recovering skills a bit of practice.

The second incarnation I used 10mm race seat foam followed by a thin 2mm covering to sock over it and smooth the seams. I had already used an electric carving knife to profile in the existing seat foam to accommodate the race seat foam better and then finished it in with a hand sanding block to shave off the edges.

This was my first attempt with 15mm foam it wasn’t quite long enough! I had to use two bits I rectified this on the 2nd edition with one long bit of 10mm foam but it gives you the idea the shaping method was the same

This was the final one that I socked in with 2mm foam that I wrapped under the lip of the seat base

I combined this new higher seat with a new set of footpegs that have less rise than stock ones and so dropped my foot a little. It has transformed the comfort of the bike for me the new pegs are shorter and profiled at the ends so have the same ground clearance as the stock higher pegs, To find them I searched for Sprint 955I ST as they have the same mounting hole diameter. These are from Oberon who do various different styles and I believe LSL do some for that model also.