Recently I have fitted stainless caliper slider pins to the rear brakes on both bikes maybe a bit of over kill but anything that may improve performance and keep the service intervals a little longer etc works for me…this was really a project more for the Sprint as it gets ridden through the winter and given a bit of a hard time !!

After popping the rear caliper free of the back wheel and torque arm just ease the carrier plate out of the caliper..

get it into a vice and with an allen key (socket head) wind the brake pad rest off

This will come apart in two bits. Use a spanner or long socket to remove the other pin

Simply wind in the new stainless pins…the one that attaches with the brake pad rest has a flat side to it which stops it rotating as you tighten it…

A stainless pad locating stub completes it  

Lube with Red Rubber grease and the jobs a good’n.