The standard hugger on our MK1 is a typical 90s affair, and thankfully so as then huggers were introduced to protect and not just as a fashion item that does flap all 😉 One small area of improvement is to extend the protection to the under side of the swing arm to help prevent the rear tire hosing the linkage in road grim (probably one of the main reasons the spindle bolt can seize in !).

In an idle moment I chopped the to leading edge off the plastic hugger I had on the shelf because of fitting a carbon item to the bike.

An hour or two of hammer, hacksaw and drill action had something together that would bolt on the under side of the swing arm and has done, over many years now, a very good job !

While we are in here, if you are running the original rear black plastic hugger, a quick and simple way to make them a bit sturdier and look better is to swop out the plastic rivets that attach the chain guard to it and replace with stainless cap heads and nylocks. Less sag and holds a better shape 😉