Two items on this page to consider. One is a factory fix for lack of oil pressure to the crank that was discovered in the early production of the bikes. Two is a styling exercise that also saves a little weight.

Ok the first is an easy check, crack the top banjo for the external oil feed to the head on the right hand side. Now check to see if the banjo has two oval holes in it, it should only have one. You can order the updated banjo via your preferred dealer. One hole backs up pressure for the crank, the head still gets sufficient 😉

Part number T1210240 at the top, note the one smaller hole.

Next is replacement of the oil external oil feed line itself. The replacement line has an internal bore the same as the updated top banjo which means that it can act as a weight saving, a visual improvement whilst also updating the oil pressure issue the updated banjo achieves.

Mine is lock wired but the choice is yours 😉 The oil line is available in a variety of colours from the link below