Not the connecting rod, but the bush in the gear change lever. Strange how you kinda get used to things. Over time the gear change on the Speed Triple had become quite sloppy, I even accepted the odd badly missed gear change !!

Well on closer inspection the linkage was pretty good but the actual gear change pedal had quite a bit of play in it. I had assumed as it is ally that it had worn away against the metal footpeg shaft that it is mounted on, a quick call to Sprint Manufacturing enlightened me that there was a bush (press fit) that fits the inner race of the gear change pedal which cost a measly £3.50.

It turned up as promised and I set about fitting it, I had to disconnect the linkage by loosening the lock nuts and winding the adjuster until it came apart.

… then remove the footpeg and mounting plate. The mounting/heel plate assembly is retained at two points one under a black cap on the heel plate and one lower down, the top one is just a bolt with a captive nut so just undo the bolt, the lower one is a nut & bolt…you will have to get a spanner on the nut to undo the bolt….he is a pic of the mounting lug for the lower nut bolt assembly..

The foot peg is held on with a single large socket head cap bolt.

The foot peg can now be removed from the mounting plate and the gear change pedal slids off.

I had to make up a draw bolt assembly to push the old bush out from the pedal and then use the same tool to press the new bush in, amongst the pile of bits and pieces I have kept that may come in useful some day…!? I found just the thing a 20mm diameter spacer from the suspension linkage I overhauled ages back, this is the perfect size to push out the old bush.

I cleaned & greased up the footpeg mounting spindle for the gear pedal.

& reassembled the lot..ohh and don’t forget to add a few drops of thread lock onto the footpeg mounting bolt too.

Good news gear change is now tight and slick again !! for a few quid I really wish I had done this ages ago…..doh