MK1 Speed Triple Social gatherings ;-)

All of these event can also be found at the MK1 owners club web site
and at the facebook page

March 27th Bike Shed London

Just a scoot out on a Sunday for those curious about the new Bike Shed venue at Shoreditch London

April 17th Prescott Bike Festival:

Main event is can book Sat and Sun and run your bike up the hill too ;-) we have a stand there..a few places on it for folk to show their pride and joy (get in touch)

4th June Dutch MK1 Meet

Day out for our enjoyment and support for our Dutch MK1ers

June 12th Ace Cafe London:

Triumph Day we have rocked up for a few years now..they give us a pitch next to the bins for our old clunkers to spread a bit of Cafe Trumpet goodness for wannabies to crave Lol !!!!! We'll be there early for Breaky and see it through for lunch..all piss takers and bollox talkers welcome.