Saddle/ know the bit you sit on !!

Rode the Speed Triple for years with the stock seat on it. all ok..ish but not hugely comfortable..but hey it's a cafe racer bad boy and is meant to give you some pain..right ?

Well maybe, one thing I had noticed apart from the vinyl looking a little aged is that after being on the bike for a while and then getting off was the seat would have a few ripples in it, they would level out given a bit of time but did make think that the stock vinyl wasn't very stretchy, or giving.

Anyroad I had the stock seat and bum stop on the seat cowl recovered professionally with 2 way stretch motorbike seat vinyl, I chose a basket weave design but it was available in just about anything you could imagine !!!!

The spin off from this was two fold, one was the extra comfort, the foam was now spongy and foam like, and two it looked loads better...

Got a couple more pics to add here so will jump to it soon..;-)

So a result there..not cheap but a result all the same ;-)

Now with the Sprint Sport I wanted to have the speed Triple T3 lump experience but with loads more as I believe all the T3 seats bike seats are interchangeable I set about sourcing a Trophy seat for the Sprint, this seat is a slightly different profile to the standard seat in that the pillion gets more foam and the riders seat is rounded out an little more, the cover is stitched to accommodate the extra curves. Now the big bonus for me was that the Trophy seat has 4 fold out bungee hooks under it allowing me to strap stuff down onto the pillion seat and off over the rack if required ( of beer..cough)