I'm Mot and this is my little bit of web space so I can hash together stuff about my bike/s a Speed Triple and Sprint Sport

I've been biking for about 23 years now and was a bit of a late starter I suppose at 28. I'd always flirted with the idea of getting one but managed to do all my thrashing and crashing in cars until got a bit more sensible (arf arf !). In here I just wanted to record some stuff about the bike ( currently a Triumph Speed Triple...you know the early one, this one was launched in 1995), my life etc. I am going to put in some technical stuff as I work on the old bus, which hopefully someone else might find handy if they happen to stumble in here. There will be other stuff too as I'm just getting back into taking a few pictures again, plus me and the missus are in the third year of working an allotment, unfortunately not the same allotment !?. Anyroad lets see how it goes ay.....oh must not forget Archie the cat either as I'm sure he will crop here sooner or later. THE BIKES I started out on a Suzuki GS125 lovely little bike that got me a through my test before the power restrictions came into place, it then was my main form of transport for about a year. It went on to get about another four people through their tests whilst being used every day for years. It could still be going now for all I know, it had four owners before I got it. Next up was an old Honda CX500, matt black (mmmm nice) First big bike and it did me well, can't say i'd buy another but a good old work horse all the same in a kinda tall, heavy, ugly sort of way. sold it to a mate as his first big bike until he seized it. From there I was lucky enough to get another Suzuki a GSX1100 ESD I had been pillion on a GSX 1100 previously and it had made a big impression on me, big grins all round. This proved to be just the same and was in great condition, had a Harris 4-1 with a comp baffle in it and sounded lovely. It was completely reliable and toured Scotland a few times and the west country etc etc big respect for that old bus. And now the Speed Triple, I always wanted one ever since they first came out, but couldn't afford one for years. Got mine about 4 years ago and apart from being a bit top heavy is a great bike. Almost every body went for the black one ( they came in Orange , Black & Yellow) and I have to admit I was oncourse for one. It wasn't until I saw an orange one in the flesh at the South West Custom & Classic Show that I thought.."yeah, a bit different that". I have pampered it to the best that my modest wages will allow and it hasn't missed a beat..top bike, bit long in the tooth these days but will still surprise a few. The main thing is it always makes you feel good to be on it. Just recently I have also picked up another Triumph, this is to be the day to day bike, to save the Speed 3 for best as it were. This one is a Sprint Sport...basically a Speed Triple with slightly higher bars and a half fairing, needs a bit of work but I'm up for it. Click on the title headers on the left to have a look about, once you have clicked some of them have sub headings to have a look at.....I hope it's a little bit interesting ? Copyright.. Please note that all content is produced by me, please contact me if you wish to use any image,text etc.


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